Thursday, April 15, 2010

Danika turns 1

So Danika dove right into her chocolate ladybug cake. She played and squished every little bit through her hands and then purposely through it on the floor.
Danika loves playing on the trampoline. She thinks it is so fun to squish her face into the net. One of my favorite faces!

Our Danika all grown up at 1 year.

So here is our family hero. Chris has been working at Fresno City Fire Dept since July of 2002. He is now an arson investigator and a firefighter specialist. This picture was taken in March when Chris and I went to the firefighters ball. We had a blast dancing into the night!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet our new dog CHICO

He was born May 22, 2009

Pure bred Boxer in every sense of the word.

Definitely like his breed describes!

This is the typical face Danika makes when trying to feed her something...So far she doesn't like much of anything. She loves her formula and cereal but that is just about it. Her Dr. said she needed to get some more solids in her because she was ready for them. So we have tried just about every veggie and fruit out there. And we get this response. One day at Taco Bell I thought I would let her try some pinto beans. To our surprise she loves them!! Ya she is mexican!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A little introduction is in order. After many years dating ups and downs Chris and Amber were married September 19, 1998. We now have four children Sydney Jade 8, Isaac Matthias 6, Gabrielle Maria 4, and Danika Avery 5 months. We live here in Clovis California and have been in our home for 5 1/2 years. Aside from the air quality we absolutely love it here. Chris is a Firefighter Specialist for Fresno City Fire Dept. He has worked there for the last 6 years. Amber has been a stay at home mom since having Sydney. We finally feel like our family is complete and we can't wait to experience so many new things together. We never seem to stop. Chris's work schedule has really allowed us a lot of flexibility to travel and be spontaneous. It is quite normal for us to wake up and look at each other and just say road trip and within an hour we are out of here. Boating, fishing, camping, beaches, anything that we can do together we try to do it.